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Auxiliaries For Pre Treatment And Finishing

XNL Liquid (Scouring, Wetting, De-Greasing and Stain Remover )

XNI Liquid is powerful rapid cleaning agent and is very useful for combined scouring and dyeing of polyester fibres, yarn and fabric.

Softening It impart softness to a number fabrics like cotton, acrylics, nylon, polyster, viscose and other blended fabric.
Durability It maintenance of fabric softness and interity despites multiple landering and dry cleaning improvement of
  physical properties such as tear strength, abrasion resistance, wrinkle recovery angles, and durable press ratings.
Color Protection Shine Silicone Softener protect the intergrth of fabric colour by sustaining retention of fabric dyes.
  1. XNI liquid cleans all kinds of oil, grease, waxes, carbon tars, black machine oils, carbon sheet rusts etc. found in the cotton as well as in synthetic fibre fabrics.
  2.  XNI dose not require strong rubbing, hence no abrasion maeks will be visible after bleaching or dyeing operation.
  3. XNI is totally safe for use on all kinds of fabrics like wool, polyster polyamids cotton woven and hosiery fabrics.
  4. XNI has cleaning effect on machine too




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