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Natural Vegetable Dyes 

Natural dyes are obtained from renewable resources and the application of these dyes contributes to the conservation of nature. Natural dyes include plant dyes, animal dyes and mineral dyes. There acid&metal_dyesare three major types of natural dyes:

  • Substantive, require no mordants1, includes turmeric, onion skins, walnut husks, and tea.
  • Vat dyes, for example the natural dye indigo, and the ancient Tyrian Purple dye extracted from shellfish.
  • Mordant dyes, includes chemical mordants that are used in natural dyes and are often heavy metal ions which can be highly toxic such as chromium and tin. Even copper and iron mordants can be quite dangerous if misused.
  • Less common forms of natural dyeing include rust dyeing, dye painting with earth oxides, and mud dyeing.

Natural dyes are mainly employed to dyeing natural fibres such as wool, silk, cotton, linen, hemp and nettle. Natural dyes are however also used in other fields, such as paints and varnishes of natural origin to be used in the eco-building industry, paints and pigments for artists and restorers willing to employ original materials and techniques, dying of vegetable tanned leather, natural cosmeticsindustry.

Wool is generally the best fibre to color with natural dyes. It will attach to a wider variety of dye chemicals than cellulose fibres such as cotton, and, since it is usually washed in cool water, or only dry-cleaned, the relative impermanence of most natural dyes is less of an issue. Among the better natural dyes for cotton are annato, cutch, logwood, madder and indigo; all of these except for indigo require mordants, while indigo requires a special type of dye vat.

Shade Card

1.   Camel Brown
2.   Indigo
3.   Ruby Red
4.   Mallow Gold
5.   Tiger Yellow
6.   Garnet Brown
7.   Topaz yellow
8.   Fallow yellow
9.   Turkey red
10.   Cheery Red



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