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Auxiliaries For Pre Treatment And Finishing

Liquid Desizer

Desizer is powerful APEO free wetting agent with detergency and emulsifying action useful for scouring. It works as powerful desizing agent also.

Base:    Di-alkyl Aliphatic Alcohol ethoxylate
Appearance : Free flowing clear to yellow wish paste.
Nature: Blend of nonionic and anionic surfactants.
pH (self):  Weakly acidic

% NVC at 105o C/150: 67% +  1%

Solubility: soluble in water in all proportions.
Stability: Stable to hard water, acids, alkalis and solutions of metallic salts.
Biodegradability: Good
  • For Scoring cotton.
    1-2 gm/I FBOL
    2-3 gm/I Soda Ash
    At 80o C to to 95o C for 30-45 minutes.

  • For  Wool and wool blends.
    0.5 -1 gm/I FBOL
    pH 8-9 with liquor ammonia at 70oC-80o c for 35-40 minutes hot rinse.
  • For scouring synthetics & blend fabrics.
    0.5-1 gm/I FBOL, with required alkali.

The information and recommendations presented herewith compiled with utmost care, but they cannot be extended to cover every possible case. They are intended only to serve as non – binding guidelines and may not be adapted to prevailing conditions.


O.T. is a low foaming surface active agent. It is very powerful wetting & re-wetting agent. O.T. Finds extensive use in textile processing operation such as dyeing, bleaching etc.

Sizing For polyester and nylon yarns 0.5 to 1 gm/lit. gives good penetration.
Soaping 1 to 2gm/lit. gives good penetration and helping scouring process
In dyeing process 1gm/lit. gives good penetration. Suitable for olive green, mineral khakis type shades.


Physical And Chemical Properties

Chemical Name

Dioctyl sodium sulphosuccinate.

Ionic Nature


pH of 1%

6.5 to 7.5s

Physical Form

Transparent paste (60%)
White paste (80%)


Soluble in hot/cold water,
15gm at 25D.C. per liter,
60gm at 70D.C. per liter,
Soluble in most polar & non polar solvents.



Draves wetting test
3gm hook, 5gm hank, 40gm weig



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